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Zoom Room Upgrades Include Kiosk Mode and Room Control via Mobile Device

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Zoom has continued to be on the forefront of finding new ways to help workers remain healthy while still remaining engaged with colleagues and customers. With businesses starting to slowly return to the office and others still remaining remote, the newest upgrades to Zoom Rooms provide more ways to help employees remain safer.

Kiosk Mode

This mode, now in beta, allows a receptionist to appear on a display located at a welcome station or desk. The receptionist can be located either on or off campus and allows less face-to-face contact to keep both employees and visitors safer and to provide peace of mind for all. The receptionist can monitor virtual temperature checks, answer questions or provide directions. The Kiosk Mode allows customization of the “Start Meeting” button on a Zoom Rooms for Touch Device to quickly connect visitors so they can receive a safe and contactless greeting.

Control from Your Own Device

With the added ability to pair your iOS or Android mobile device as a companion during a meeting in a Zoom Room, you can now access room controls via your own device eliminating the need to share the in-room controller. Using the Zoom Rooms Controller app, users will have access to all room controls, including the ability to start or join a meeting and full audio, video, and participant control.

Room Attendance Count

Using supported cameras, the Zoom dashboard will display the number of participants in a room at one time to ensure social distancing mandates are being met.

Air Quality & Environment Monitoring

Neat, a company that manufacturers Zoom Rooms Appliances, has introduced Neat Sense, a new smart room sensor technology that allows users to manage and monitor air quality, CO2 and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in addition to the number of people in a room, ambient noise and lighting conditions. Data for all of these variables is displayed on the Zoom dashboard. This information can be utilized to keep Zoom Room in-person meeting participants healthier and more productive.

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