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Yamaha’s new VXS1ML and VXS3S: Ideal for Background Music in Commercial Applications

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Designed for commercial background music applications, Yamaha recently introduced its new VXS1ML full-range speakers and VXS3S subwoofers. Background music adds to the ambience of any restaurant, retail store, or hotel and is an element of high demand in nearly any indoor public space. These new speakers offer a clean and very compact design to easily blend into any interior décor along with top-notch sound quality.


A 1.5-inch full-range driver with a powerful neodymium magnet provides the VXS1ML with amazing sonic quality in a condensed and lightweight package. A

wide 170° horizontal and vertical dispersion allows for sound to be evenly dispersed over a large area so less hardware is needed to service a room. A wide array of installation options are available to adapt to any space including a CMA1M Ceiling Mount Adapter, which allows the speaker to be flush with the ceiling.


Also compact and lightweight, the VXS3S subwoofers include Yamahas SR-Bass technology to produce powerful bass sound from a small unit. Both low- and high-impedance connections are supported. These speakers also provide satellite connectors to VXS1ML or other speakers minimizing the need for amplifier channels. When the satellite connectors are used, an automatic built-in crossover ensures a smooth frequency transition from the sub-woofer to full-range speakers. Available in white and black, these can also be flush mounted or mounted on lighting rails as well as numerous other options to allow it to blend seamlessly into the installation environment.

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