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Working Together: AV Technology & Workspace Furniture

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Today’s workspace is evolving into a much more flexible and fluid environment where people are no longer tied to walled in cubicles or private offices. A main driver in this workspace change is collaboration, which is not just a buzzword anymore. Promoting efficiency and innovation, collaboration is now a mainstay in office spaces everywhere and as such requires the technology to facilitate this new way of interacting. Just as important is the furniture that supports both the human aspect as well as the AV technology needed to enable collaboration within a space. Allowing for comfortable seating that provides BYOD access in addition to central displays to allow for each and every participant to be sufficiently connected and engaged is key.

Collaborative Work Desks

Collaboration is not, nor should not always be planned; therefore spaces to encourage spontaneous gatherings are a must in an efficient workspace. A large worktable equipped with power outlets, adjustable height, data sockets and task lighting provides the ideal location for spur-of the moment get-togethers to problem solve or brainstorm. Seating can be mixed to include rolling chairs, stools or plush armchairs to accommodate varying seating preferences.

Freestanding Media Unit

This configuration employs a small work area for two or three users with BYOD capabilities and a small or medium sized display. Users can quickly plug in and share work from their laptop or tablet.

Lounge Areas

Whether to work independently or to quickly meet, lounge areas with plush couches, rolling tables and plenty of outlets offers a change of scenery. The flexibility to move and change locations throughout a workday rather than to be chained to a desk for forty hours a week can increase productivity and employee satisfaction.

Acoustic Pod

While the move towards open office spaces has facilitated collaboration, there are still times when individuals or working groups may need a space free from distractions or where confidentiality is vital. Acoustic pods are a modular furniture solution that create a room within a room and enclose users to reduce travelling sound. They are also typically easy to relocate in the event that the workspace needs to be reconfigured.

Ergonomic Collaborative furniture

Reducing strain can increase productivity by reducing back or neck pain and injuries that can be sustained via repetitive use. Many workspace furniture manufacturers today are offering health-conscious options such as height adjustable desks and tables that can adjust for different people, but can also take users from sitting to standing or vice versa. Chairs are also adjustable and often provide more back support. Keyboards can be positioned at more ideal heights to reduce wrist and elbow strain with ergonomically designed keyboard pull out trays.

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