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With Newer Technology Affordable Video Walls Are Now a Reality

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Video walls are popping up everywhere. Whether in a store, your local college, or at a trade show you just attended, you’re sure to have seen a display somewhere. Part of the reason for their prevalence these days is that the costs have been reduced with new software and equipment that makes it easier and less costly to set up your own.


Hiperwall software

Hiperwall has recently introduced the latest upgrade Hiperwall Premium Suite video wall management software that makes it simple to build high performance, scalable video wall with no special equipment. You can even repurpose equipment that you probably already have on hand.


Whether you require one large image cohesively presented between multiple displays, separate images on each display, or a combination of the two, Hiperwall provides an easy to use software that won’t require an expert to operate. With the new Premium Suite, no specialized servers or switches are required, which means less of an investment in equipment and installation.


Laser Projectors

Laser projectors are long lasting with a lifetime of 20,000 hours, offer high resolution, less energy consumption and higher contrast images. They also require little maintenance and installation is very simple. For a video wall that requires only one screen rather than multiple displays with separate video, a laser projector is a great option. Compared to a 98 or 110” display, which costs upwards of $30,000, some Epson Pro L Series projectors are only about a third of the cost and provides comparable image quality.


If you are interested in a video wall installation, we can help. We can get you up and running affordably and quickly with these new technologies.

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