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With Hybrid Workforce in Mind, Zoom Introduces New Immersive View

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Although Zoom meetings may not thrill many these days, they are very likely here to stay. Whether you love them or hate them, there’s no doubt that they have their benefits. Remote work has never been so accessible now that we are all fairly well versed in jumping into meetings online. And while users are now accustomed to living within their box during a meeting, Zoom has been thinking outside that box looking forward to the new hybrid work model and has recently introduced their new Immersive View. This new feature allows meeting participants to escape their confined on-screen box and be viewed all in one location such as together in a conference room or classroom.

Announced at Zoom’s annual user conference, Zoomtopia 2020, that took place last October, the Immersive View feature allows hosts to automatically or manually place up to 25 participants into one cohesive virtual space for a more engaging atmosphere. Hosts can move attendees around or resize them to create a more natural feel within the unified space. If used in a webinar, the host and panelists will appear together in the scene, with the remaining participants able to view them, but will not appear.

Zoom has provided a few immersive screens, but users can also upload their own to customize the experience. The feature is enabled by default for all free and single pro accounts using Zoom 5.6.3 or higher. All other account types can enable the feature via the web portal.

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