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A few weeks back, Epson approached us with a favor.  They were looking for someone with experience installing and training on the new Brightlink Pro 1430wi for a commercial they were shooting.  Seeing as how we’ve done tons and are very well versed in Epson projectors, we were a natural fit for this project.  The catch? It was in Jersey City, New Jersey! So Dave, Les and I got in the car over packed with any tool or piece of extra equipment we could ever need, and headed down.

The day of the shoot was a jam packed day – they were shooting lots of bits for different things, so we were only a portion of what needed to get done.  Within a few hours we were able to mount the Brightlink 1430wi projector over a Da-Lite IDEA Screen, get it calibrated and up and running.  We experimented with some of the features of the Epson Moderator and Easy MP software and wireless capabilities of the projector, and it really made the product shine.  We were able to wirelessly project, save and print all from the interactive projector piece itself – from anywhere in the building.  The non-glare surface of the Da-Lite screen made calibration a breeze, and eliminated hot spots and bright points on the board from the projector.  Expect to see more manufacturers come out with products with non-glare surfaces, not just Da-Lite, as that really seems to be catching on in education.

It was really great being able to see how complicated and time consuming it is to make even a short 30-second video.  The actors – Christina and Jerry – were awesome and really good sports about everything.  Hopefully we see them again soon in something else! It was a long day spent training and installing, and we didn’t leave until 8:30pm to get back to MA, after wrapping the project and making sure that everyone was happy with the end result.  It was even more exciting when we saw the commercial live! It airs on CNBC on Tuesday nights at 10pm, during the Profit.

See the screen here:

See the projector here:

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