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Wayfinding and Digital Signage’s Role in Improving Experiences

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As companies and facilities prepare for a return to normal, new safety protocols must be accounted for as typical planning proceeds. Companies are adapting to the ever-changing health guidelines by utilizing digital signage and wayfinding to ensure they are following safety procedures while simultaneously instilling confidence in employees and visitors. Digital signage management systems have adapted as well with recent advancements offering new technology to allow for more health and safety targeted usage. These recent adaptations make it even easier to adjust and pivot to the accommodate the fluctuating needs of today’s health-conscious world and to provide a better overall experience for employees and visitors alike.

Access Control

The point of entry is an organizations first line of defense in combatting the spread of infection. Digital signage is perfectly suited for the dissemination of pertinent health and safety information prior to entry of a building. Kiosks can monitor mask wearing, take temperatures and administer wellness surveys to determine the risk of an individual seeking entrance. Virtual receptionists and questionnaires delivered to personal mobile devices allow for touch free interaction.

Usage and Scheduling of Space

The days of impromptu meetings are gone, replaced by room scheduling to limit the number of people in a room and to ensure more efficient use of a space. Room scheduling systems allow users to book remotely as well as check availability and allow administrators to track usage and adjust workspaces accordingly.

Hotdesking is also a sweeping trend in which employees share a workspace rather than having their own designated desk. Due to the pandemic, the need for a flexible work environment has accelerated, with many employees working remotely and many who wish to continue to do so on a part time basis even as we approach a return to normalcy. In order to more efficiently use space, with many desks remaining empty for at least part of the week, hotdesking offers a viable solution. Combining wayfinding and room scheduling, this technique allows employees to book a workspace remotely and view traffic patterns to assist in the mitigation of congestion in certain areas. Administrators can view which areas need to be cleaned based on usage for the day.


To accommodate guidelines for health and safety, signage has played a huge part in directing people inside of a building along a path that promotes social distancing and limits or eliminates crowds. The constant modification of these guidelines results in changes to signage, which can be quickly and easily updated via content management software for digital signage. Digital signage significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to react to a change. QR codes can also be displayed allowing users to scan the code and receive directions on their mobile device.

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