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Videowalls: Changing the Public Landscape

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Videowalls were once reserved for the most high-end, glamorous events and locations, but advancements in the technology of video are quickly changing that trend. Nowadays, they are popping up in locations that were previously only using static signage because video was neither cost effective nor practical. With video compression that still provides a high-quality image, faster distribution rates and lower display costs, the boundaries are no longer so limited. Videowalls are breaking out into places you may find surprising.

K-12 and University Campuses

The Academies of Discovery, part of Georgia’s Hall County school system sought to provide their students with a collaborative solution that allowed groups of students with varying devices to integrate seamlessly with large displays. Videowalls were implemented and students could connect and display their content to discuss, problem solve and brainstorm. University campuses are installing videowalls for event promotion, wayfinding and even emergency management to engage students and provide vital information.

Your Neighborhood Stores

No longer limited to the biggest of stores, videowalls are now appearing in smaller scale retail locations being used to engage and provide product and promotion information. With the relative ease of content management, lower costs, and reduced amount of maintenance required, even shop owners can afford and manage these large-scale displays.


Police, emergency management and utility companies are using videowalls to monitor and track large amounts of information, in the form of both video surveillance as well as data. Large videowalls providing massive amounts of information provide an effective way to allow staff to view and study this information and problem solve or provide maintenance as it all streams in.

Corporate Buildings

Providing meeting schedules, corporate achievements, and even news and weather reports, office buildings are now jumping on the videowall bandwagon to disseminate information to personnel and visitors. In healthcare, videowalls are being used for wayfinding, promotion of new techniques or patient successes and even as large donor walls.


The days of the green screen and static newsroom wall are quickly disappearing as more and more local and national broadcasters are converting their backdrops to narrow bezel video walls. With ultra-bright and fine pitch LED displays now available at significantly lower price points, it’s a dynamic addition to the boring picture in the corner that used to adorn every newscast. Now the entire background of their set can be changed instantly to reflect whatever news is being reported and to add splashy effects to completely transform the previously mundane tv news experience.

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