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Video Walls: Technology’s MVP in Control Rooms

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Video wall technology is an exceedingly popular choice in many applications. From higher education to retail stores to corporate offices, video walls are powerful, flexible, and dynamic tools. In particular, they have proven to be indispensable in control room settings where information must be displayed quickly, continuously and accurately for informed decision making to take place. Whether security, transportation, broadcasting, emergency management or utilities, these large displays provide data, video and other information that can be viewed simultaneously by everyone in the room to ensure smooth operations and fast and collaborative responses to emergency situations.


Data integration
The backbone of control room functionality, real-time streaming data from multiple sources, must integrate seamlessly with the video wall in a room. Multiple data formats are often required to efficiently and effectively monitor situations. Whether video, multiple databases or sensor information, the information needs to be continuous, reliable and displayed in a manner that is instantly clear to operators to allow for quick decision making and proper management of operations.


With round the clock operation, video walls need to offer reliable service. The longevity and reliability of the displays need to be considered to ensure little to no downtime. The ease of maintenance is also imperative so that maintenance will take less time when needed thereby decreasing downtime. Some displays offer access from the front to perform needed repairs so that it won’t require removing a display and remounting if something needs attention.


Brightness and Clarity
Being able to clearly see vital information at any given time from anywhere in the control room is imperative in making time-critical decisions. Brightness and clarity are prime concerns to ensure that decision makers accurately understand data and video. Ambient light can affect brightness and clarity of the video wall, which needs to be carefully assessed when determining the solution. Resolution, contrast ratio, pixel size and pixel pitch should also be investigated to ensure sharpness at any location in the room whether close up or far away.

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