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Video Wall Mounts: Why What’s Behind a Video Wall is so Important

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Video walls add a dramatic and engaging element to any space and can be useful for providing information, advertising, or simply as décor with flair. But, for any video wall to be successful and to appear flawless, the mounting is a vital component. With the configuration styles and also the size of video walls expanding rapidly, having many displays in many different arrangements appear seamless requires specific mounting solutions.

Uneven walls

No two walls are ever alike. Even in new construction, it’s nearly impossible to find an absolutely straight wall. Your standard display mount will hold a display in place, but can’t necessarily adjust to the imperfections of a building. However, there are many professional mounts available, such as Premier Mounts Convergent Mounts, that provide the ability to make post-installation adjustments that can make the video wall look as one cohesive unit—despite the wall it’s mounted on.

No walls

In some cases, you may either not have an existing wall to house a video wall or design may dictate the need for a freestanding video wall. You may also want a mobile video wall that can be removed when not in use. There are many solutions such as Peerless AV’s Smart Mount Portable Video Wall Cart and also their Modular Video Wall Pedestal Mount for a permanent video wall solution. These provide a system that supports the entire wall with the ability to adjust for a seamless end product.

Artistic video walls

For a bold and dynamic look, artistic walls can create that ‘wow’ factor utilizing displays at different angles to add an extra layer of pizazz. In the case of artistic video walls, you need mounts that enable you to easily adjust the displays at any angle and then lock the mount, once the correct angle is established, so it doesn’t move. One such solution is Chief’s Freestyle Rotation Adapter, which allows designers to generate an extremely wide variety of video display wall configurations using the company’s ConnexSys or Fusion mounts. The adapter provides 90-degrees of rotation in a 360-degree range, with positive lockouts at 15-degree increments.

Curved Video Walls

With the size of video walls growing significantly, curved video walls present a challenge. Getting eighteen, twenty-four, thirty-six or even more displays to create a seamlessly curved surface requires lots of planning and mounts that allow for extremely precise adjustments. In addition, having easy access to the backs of the displays is vital so that servicing them and making modifications doesn’t require removing the entire display.

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