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Unique Giant LED Digital Canvas Adorns Parking Garage in Sommerville, MA

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Representing the coming together of ideas, people and communities, Sommerville, Massachusetts’ new digital art canvas featuring three six-story heads, debuted in August at Assembly Row. Located in this new neighborhood that features living, working, shopping, dining, entertainment and more, a huge array of LED light sticks form the shapes of two heads facing inwards that flank either side of a third forward facing head. The massive silhouettes adorn the side of a parking garage on Grand Union Boulevard.

Aptly named “The Conversation,” the media wall is an opportunity for artists, whether local, regional or national, to showcase their artwork on a one-of-a-kind LED canvas. Each of the three freeform LED displays measures 47 feet tall and are comprised of more than 500 stick elements of varying lengths. Remote power supplies provide electricity to attain the 80-percent transparency that allows for the free flow of air through the parking garage and to allow for easy access and maintenance.

A collaborative effort, DCL, Daktronics and Street-Works Studio worked together from start to finish to bring this project to life including the design of an efficient installation process that reduced craning and mounting time. Large pre-assembled pieces allowed for faster installation.

Daktronic’s Venus Control Suite is utilized for content management, allowing digital artwork to be uploaded, scheduled and displayed.

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