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Three Products That are Bringing Immersive Audio into the Limelight

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Immersive audio is sound manipulated through speakers or headphones that creates a real life simulation of audio from above, below and behind the listener, in addition to the typical right and left audio. Immersive audio, also known as 3D sound or spatial audio, is making a name for itself with new products that facilitate real-life sound experiences in more than just movie theatres and gaming headsets. Now, companies are producing systems that are enabling museums, concerts, theme parks and even corporate venues to get into the game.

Sonic Surf VR

Sonic Surf VR combines audio processing, control software and multi-channel speaker technology to create spatial soundscapes. Ideal for theme parks, exhibitions, museums, planetariums and corporate showrooms its applications also include multilingual sound dispersal where an individual standing in a certain spot can hear one language while a person standing just a few feet away can clearly hear the same presentation in another language with no audio crossover.


L-ISA combines L-Acoustics’ sound design and loudspeaker systems with sophisticated processing tools to create a multidimensional sound experience for audiences of applications such as live shows, museums or theme parks. L-ISA provides spatialization and three-dimensional enhancement of up to 96 sound object inputs and delivers up to 64 loudspeaker sends. The L-ISA Controller software offers five control parameters for spatial mixing: pan, width, distance, elevation and an aux send. Puy du Foy, a historical theme park in Les Epesses, France, employs L-ISA in it’s Le Dernier Panache attraction. The show follows the destiny of a French naval officer in 1793 and enhances the audiences experience in this rotating theatre with immersive sound to create a feast for all the senses.

d&b Soundscape system

The German company d&b audiotechnik has entered the immersive audio market with their d&b Soundscape—a toolkit that combines their loudspeaker system with object-based mixing and room emulation. Currently on tour with Imogen Heap, the d&b Soundscape system recreates the typical concert experience with sound that emanates from the instruments locations on stage rather than just from the left and right as in traditional stereo sound. Based on the company’s DS100 Signal Engine, the Soundscape system works in conjunction with the optional software—

d&b En-Scene and d&b En-Space. En-Scene allows the placement and movement of up to 64 sound objects, while En-Space can add and modify reverberation signatures for a space, creating a more natural sound for the audience.

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