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The Versatility and Interactivity of Today’s Projectors

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Projectors of days past were a challenge and didn’t provide great image quality. You always needed to drag a screen with you and they were generally limited to presentation style usage with people in the back of the room squinting to see a blurry and dull image. Boy have things changed! Today’s projectors provide new and downright amazing technology that offer incredibly diverse abilities that make them a show stopping addition and bring interactivity and diversity to many applications like never before.


Things are looking brighter

Some of the newest projectors are either laser or LED based and offer a dramatically brighter image than their counterparts. Image quality is also much better providing very high contrast ratio. Now, no matter what you’re projecting onto, the image will be bright and clear.


Projection mapping and Object Projection

The Los Angeles Clippers have been known to start their games at the Staples Center with an incredible 3D show projected onto the basketball court and even use props like glowing beach calls to enhance the audiences experience and interactivity. With projection mapping and object projection, you can bring any surface to life from a basketball court to the façade of a building, to a vehicle and more.


Curving images around corners and rounded areas

With current software, projectors can now wrap an image around a corner or even a sphere without image distortion. It can accommodate an image to any surface shape to bring a very sincere visual experience that is immersive and believable.


Turn any space into an interactive touch screen

Interactive projectors allow users to touch the projected image and have it react such as linking to an internet page or dragging an object to another location on the screen. It’s highly effective as a teaching tool, but can be used almost anywhere such as museums, malls, theme parks and more.

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