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The Potential Role of Digital Signage in a Pandemic 

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As we struggle to find our way in the altered state of living that we are all quickly growing accustomed to, technology is making its way into our lives more so than ever before keeping us connected, informed, and healthy. Digital signage is a technology that can provide flexibility and power to bolster those essential services that are so vital in this crisis. 


Digital signage can provide wayfinding, wait times and other vital information to limit contact with others as those infected with the virus arrive and determine where they need to be for evaluation and admittance. Both existing and new makeshift hospitals can utilize mobile signage to allow flexibility as this very fluid situation changes and requires new areas to open for treatment or entrances to shift to accommodate the number of patients. 

Testing Sites 

Reducing contact by providing communication via digital signage can be helpful in keeping healthcare workers safer. Patients arriving at testing sites can access vital information without having to engage face to face so that points of contact are limited to the testing procedure. Information about how results will be conveyed, how long they will take to be processed and numbers to call for questions can be provided via digital signage as well as information regarding protocol for quarantine and what to do if they test positive. 

Grocery Stores 

 Lines are forming outside grocery stores as they limit the number of customers that can be inside of the store so that social distancing can be maintained. Digital signage can provide information to waiting customers as to their expected wait time, store hours, sale items and more. Once inside the store, mobile digital signage can provide information on expected shipments for items that have shortages, emergency alerts, contactless payment options and reminders that all patrons should be practicing social distancing.  

Looking Ahead 

As restrictions are relaxed, utilizing digital signage to allow local and national government to share changing, up-to-date emergency messaging can assist in maintaining safety in our communities. Additionally, larger social gatherings may still be limited, but with digital signage, churches or other community organizations can congregate by watching a visual presentation on a digital signage display. Audio can be accessed via Bluetooth from their cars so they can still safely gather, yet maintain social distance 

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