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The Clear Benefits of Laser Projectors

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Ever have to pause during a conference or in the middle of class to change a lamp in a projector? Or wait for the equipment to warm up for several minutes before being able to begin your presentation? These are just some of the frustrations with using lamp projectors, and while their initial cost is lower, in the long-term the benefits of laser projectors are many.


Substantially Less Maintenance

Today’s lamp projectors claim between 2,000 and 6,000 hours lamp life, whereas there are some laser projectors that are now claiming 20,000 hours. At 20,000 hours, even at usage of 40 hours per week, the laser projector would remain virtually maintenance free for a decade, compared to less than three years for a lamp-based projector with a life of 6,000 hours. The costs of replacement lamps are decreasing, but you also have to consider the added time and cost of ordering and shipping them, not to mention keeping them in stock and then having a place and the personnel to quickly access and replace a burned out lamp. Top that off with the limitations of having to install projectors in an accessible place so that the lamp can be replaced when needed. These are all worries that just don’t exist with laser projectors.


No Warm Up Needed

Laser projectors are nearly instantaneously up and running once you turn them on. Lamp projectors have to warm up to optimum operating temperature, which can take several minutes, as well as cost you a few audience members with shorter attention spans.


Brighter and Better Color

The solid state lasers used in projectors today are able to generate any wavelength of light, thus making wider color gamuts possible without compromising brightness. Deeper, richer colors with sharp, bright image quality make these a prime choice for large venues or any application looking to make an impression. Laser projectors also maintains brightness over their life cycle, whereas lamp-based projectors gradually dim over time.



With lamp projectors careful consideration must be taken when installing them as they must be accessible for regular maintenance. They also require specific placement to prevent overheating and to maintain stability of the lamp operation. A laser projector does not have that limitation and some can even be mounted 360 degrees rotated or tilted, allowing for more creative usage.


Planet Friendly

Lamps contain mercury and therefore must be carefully handled and disposed of properly. Laser projectors are mercury free unlike their counterparts. Laser projectors are also more energy efficient since they don’t have a warm up or cool down period as lamp projectors do and draw less electricity when they are running.


For applications that require high usage, consistency and reliability, laser projectors are an attractive option and with prices continuing to decline, they are fast becoming the optimal choice.

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