Digital Signage Trends in 2022


Adaptation has become key in our current environment and it’s no different for digital signage. Changing pandemic health precautions along with fluctuations in the supply chain and workforce have modified the usage of this technology providing more ways to interact with the public. Now that 2022 is here, what trends can we expect to see […]

Amazon Boxes Feature Volkswagen Taos AR Experience

With Augmented Reality (AR), a digital 3D experience is overlayed onto the user’s real-world surroundings via a personal device. The user can often take photos or video of the experience to share via social media. AR offers an immersive experience for consumers and Volkswagen is capitalizing on this with a new ad campaign featuring their […]

UCF First to Use PORTL Hologram Technology in Healthcare Education


Education has been forever changed by the effects of the pandemic. Schools and universities have been forced to re-evaluate instructional techniques and tools to bridge the gaps that remote learning and teaching have made apparent. At the University of Central Florida in Orlando, this was what prompted the College of Health Professions and Sciences to […]

LG Announces Immersive Virtual Showroom


With face to face encounters being a faux pas this year, companies are developing innovative ways of connecting with customers. LG Business Solutions USA just launched one such platform that addresses the needs of customers by allowing them to remotely interact with the latest commercial display technologies from LG. The LG DigiTour is a unique […]

Immersive Production of A Christmas Carol Comes to Life with Epson Projectors


This year’s holiday season is a little different than years past and communities everywhere are searching for more of the usual joy that is normally quite prevalent at this time of year. Famous Artists Limited, a production company, brought together creative minds, musical talent and powerful technology to bring some of that joy to their […]

Essential AV Technology for K-12 Schools

Teaching a generation that was born plugged in has its challenges and technology is what engages these learners. Having the tools to keep them learning effectively and efficiently is a must for every K-12 classroom. Let’s take a look at some of the top tech that should be a part of every learning space today. […]