Best Hardware Options For Teams/ZOOM

In the post-pandemic world, remote work and hybrid work models are on the rise. Many companies are looking for ways to keep employees in the office connected with those working from home. But is there way to improve the “doing a video call in front of a tiny laptop screen” conference call? In this post, […]

Crestron New Virtual In-Room Software

As more and more companies adopt the remote work or hybrid work model, being able to control hardware from a central location is convenient and cost-effective. Crestron Electronics recently released the Crestron New Virtual In-Room software. This solution addresses the needs of companies looking to coordinate activities in multiple rooms without additional hardware. What Is […]

Back To the Office – Are Large Room Video Conferences A Thing of The Past?

According to most recent surveys, industries are announcing their back-to-work game plans. Employees may notice they are not returning to the same work environment they once knew. Companies are actively redefining their office and conference room areas to suit the post-pandemic way of life. For many, this means leaving large room video conferencing behind, with […]

Sennheiser and 1 Beyond Collaborate on Voice Tracking Camera Solution

Sennheiser and 1 Beyond Voice Tracking

With so many people now working and learning at home, businesses and educational institutions are reinventing the way they collaborate. In response to this new trend, Sennheiser and 1 Beyond teamed up to develop a new camera tracking solution that offers voice-activated camera tracking for boardrooms, classrooms, multi-purpose meeting rooms and more. The integration of […]

Mesh for Teams Promises to Deliver More Immersive and Engaging Meeting Experience


After decades in the office, accustomed to face-to-face interaction on a daily basis, workers everywhere pivoted to working from their dining rooms or living room coffee tables overnight. With this new remote way of working came the challenge of collaborating at a distance, hence the dramatic increase of online video conferencing platform usage. Microsoft Teams […]

Zoomtopia 2021 Recap


If you haven’t used Zoom by this point, you’re one in a million, as its success was immediate when businesses stopped operating in person full time at the start of the pandemic. Zoom’s number of daily meeting participants increased from 10 million in December of 2019 to 350 million in December of 2020. Zoom’s fifth […]

Leveraging Projectors for Safe and Impactful In-Person Experiences

As travel is ramping up again and people are beginning to gather and emerge from their curtailment of activity, technology is on the forefront of keeping people safe and making the relished in-person experience more engaging and dynamic. Projectors offer flexible and unique opportunities to merge these all-important elements that will allow us to get […]

Crestron Launches Microsoft Teams Enabled Phones Designed for Hybrid Workspaces

As workers transition to their new reality, many are still remote for the foreseeable future and still many more are now working in a hybrid situation. Workspaces everywhere are transforming to accommodate these new standards with desk sharing protocols such as hot desking and hoteling becoming common practice in offices across the country. The rise […]

With Hybrid Workforce in Mind, Zoom Introduces New Immersive View


Although Zoom meetings may not thrill many these days, they are very likely here to stay. Whether you love them or hate them, there’s no doubt that they have their benefits. Remote work has never been so accessible now that we are all fairly well versed in jumping into meetings online. And while users are […]

Lumens New Auto Tracking Facial Detection Camera Offers Flexibility


Lumens recently introduced their new VC-TR1 Auto-Tracking Camera with 20x optical zoom. This 1080p Full HD camera automatically tracks speakers using facial detection technology and offers three different advanced tracking modes affording the flexibility to conform to various applications. The Stage Tracking Mode ensures a target on a stage will be tracked fluidly and steadily […]