Sports are Still in the Game with a Little Help from AV Technology


The pandemic has affected businesses across the spectrum, with sports being no exception. For an industry that depends on packing stadiums full of people, the chaos that has befallen us as a result of COVID-19 really threw a wrench into the machinery of the sports world. Re-inventing the wheel has become crucial to the survival […]

Digital Signage Trends in Sporting Venues

Digital signage has made its way into sports venues everywhere from scoreboards to kiosks and everything in between. You’d be hard pressed to find an arena without it. New trends are emerging that are enhancing the overall fan experience by going beyond the static digital display and providing engaging content and vital information. Wayfinding Sports […]

Esports and AV

Video games have become a massive industry and climbing quickly in popularity is the act of watching others play these games as a competitive sporting event. Aptly named eSports this new iteration of sporting events is growing steadily with Newzoo, a market analytics company, reporting that esports revenue will exceed one billion dollars and that […]