Sennheiser and 1 Beyond Collaborate on Voice Tracking Camera Solution

Sennheiser and 1 Beyond Voice Tracking

With so many people now working and learning at home, businesses and educational institutions are reinventing the way they collaborate. In response to this new trend, Sennheiser and 1 Beyond teamed up to develop a new camera tracking solution that offers voice-activated camera tracking for boardrooms, classrooms, multi-purpose meeting rooms and more. The integration of […]

Mesh for Teams Promises to Deliver More Immersive and Engaging Meeting Experience


After decades in the office, accustomed to face-to-face interaction on a daily basis, workers everywhere pivoted to working from their dining rooms or living room coffee tables overnight. With this new remote way of working came the challenge of collaborating at a distance, hence the dramatic increase of online video conferencing platform usage. Microsoft Teams […]

Boston Area New Working Trends and the Technology That Will Afford Success


A recent survey of businesses in the Greater Boston area indicates that there will be some significant changes to working trends as we transition into a new era. The Massachusetts Competitive Partnership surveyed 110 Massachusetts companies, representing more than 113,000 people who are mostly employed in the Greater Boston area. The survey revealed that 51-percent […]

Hybrid Work Model Success Depends on Technology and Planning

Now that employers and employees alike have realized the benefits of remote working, our new normal may look slightly different than the pre-pandemic standard of Monday through Friday at the office. The flexibility that working remotely affords employees will be difficult to completely pull back from to remain competitive with retention and recruitment. Plus, less […]

The Post-Pandemic Office


As more vaccines are rolling out and people are beginning to return to work, the question looms—What will the new post-pandemic office look like? It seems that the distinction between working and working from home will be blurred as remote working has become more acceptable and allows workers the flexibility to work from anywhere and […]

What You Need to Know About VoIP

VOIP ProAV Systems

You have most likely used Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) without even realizing it. The phone at your desk at work most likely uses VoIP, as do Skype meetings, and even your Xbox at home. In today’s Internet-driven world, VoIP offers many benefits over traditional phone systems. So, what exactly is VoIP and why is […]

Crestron Home Office Companion Combines Audio Conferencing and Smart Home Control


The need for quality home office AV equipment has been accentuated by the significant recent increase in employees who are working solely at home or in hybrid models. Crestron has addressed this need with their new home office companion, the Crestron Home Audio Conferencing System (UC-MM30-R). The unit offers a modern design that includes a […]

Airport and Hotel Meeting Trends for Business Travelers


Business travel has increased dramatically over the years. A study by Statista reports that there were 464 million domestic business trips taken in 2019. While there has been a significant decline since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, business travel is already seeing somewhat of a resurgence. In fact, according to a survey of 760 […]

Technology’s Role in the Post-Pandemic Workplace


While 2020 has ended and a new year is upon us, the continuing pandemic is still very much a part of our 2021 lives. Although the vaccine is bringing hope of an eventual return to normalcy, the resulting effects will be felt for years to come and some of our previously normal activities will be […]

Remote and Hybrid Collaboration in a Pre and Post-Pandemic World


The pandemic has ushered in a wave of remote and hybrid learning and working that is transforming the realms of business and education. Employers and K-12 schools as well as institutions of higher learning have had to embrace the virtual world as a principal form of interaction for the last several months. Now that people […]