Light Field Lab Announces Highest Resolution Holographic Platform


Holographs previously only existed in science fiction, but in recent years several companies have attempted to recreate them in the real world. Light Field Lab is the latest to announce a new technology that brings 2D images to life with what the company claims is the highest resolution holographic display platform ever designed. SolidLight delivers […]

New Planar Studios to Further New Technologies for Movie Production

Green screens have been in use for years providing a way to film on a set and then later add a background to simulate a real-life location. On location filming is also often utilized because recreating certain environments is difficult or impossible on set. But, with bright, fine pitch, high resolution displays now readily available, […]

‘Lighten Up Albuquerque’ Festival Brings Projection Mapping to the City’s Landmarks

As more and more projection mapping festivals make an appearance including Luma Arts Festival in Binghamton, New York, the Circle of Light Festival in Moscow and many others including Boston’s own Illuminus, Albuquerque has introduced its own—Lighten Up Albuquerque.  Sponsored by Electric Playhouse, the City of Albuquerque and Epson, the month-long festival features artwork projected […]