Microsoft Teams Panels Now Available Through Crestron


Announced in October 2020, Microsoft Team Panels will provide a space and time management tool in a native Teams format. Offered on displays designed to be located just outside or within meeting spaces, these panels will nurture the new hybrid workspace as employees begin returning to the office. Microsoft recently announced that the panels are […]

Huddly Unveils New Zoom and Teams Integrated AI Whiteboard Camera

As remote meetings and classes have become the preferred way to operate during these trying times, drawing on a whiteboard is still a fundamental way to provide information or instruction. But, with ambient or poor lighting conditions and reflection from the whiteboard surface, it doesn’t always come across clearly in a virtual world. A company […]

AV Can Support the New Normal in Corporate Settings

New Normal Corporate Settings pro av systems integration

As we start to move into a new normal, companies will need to reevaluate certain modes of operation to accommodate the needs and safety of their employees. In pre-pandemic times, corporate settings were trending towards a more casual and communal way of working and meeting, which may not be the most appropriate as employees start […]

Biamp’s New Beamtracking Microphones for Conferencing

Biamp’s new Parlé family of Beamtracking microphones deliver a discreet solution for quality conferencing sound. The new TCM-X and TTM-X tabletop models join the TCM-1 pendant, all with Beamtracking technology, which follows meeting participants as they move about a space, ensuring high quality voice pick up wherever the person is sitting or standing. Additionally, they […]

Working Together: AV Technology & Workspace Furniture

Today’s workspace is evolving into a much more flexible and fluid environment where people are no longer tied to walled in cubicles or private offices. A main driver in this workspace change is collaboration, which is not just a buzzword anymore. Promoting efficiency and innovation, collaboration is now a mainstay in office spaces everywhere and […]

Extron’s New Touchlink Pro Features Built-In Control Processor

Extron recently introduced their new Touchlink Pro control systems—an all-in-one AV solution that combines a TouchLink Pro touchpanel with an integrated IP Link Pro control processor. Multiple devices can be controlled directly from the Ethernet port and the included port expansion adapter makes it easy to add traditional control ports when needed, directly to the touchpanel. The […]

Extron’s New ShareLink Pro 1000 is a 4K Wireless and Wired Collaboration Gateway

Extron has announced their new ShareLink Pro 1000, a BYOD collaboration tool that allows users to present wireless or wired content from their computers, tablets or smartphones onto a display. The ShareLink Pro 1000 supports the simultaneous display of up to four devices including an HDMI-connected device, and dynamically updates the display layout as new […]

AV-over-IP in the Spotlight at Infocomm 2019

AV-over-IP, or the transmission of AV data over a network, made a strong appearance at Infocomm 2019 this year, demonstrating that although still in an early adopter stage, it is poised to become a big player in the not too distant future. Dante Audinate, who had announced Dante AV earlier this year, allowing the delivery […]