New Transparent Writing Surface Allows Face to Face Instruction Even While Writing

Writing on a blackboard, white board, or interactive board is a method of teaching that has engaged different tools over the years but has always remained a trusty classroom companion. While this age-old method is still in heavy rotation today, the one major flaw that has plagued board writing instruction is the fact that the […]

Vaddio Releases RoboFLIP 30 HDBT In-Ceiling Architectural Camera


Vaddio has released the RoboFLIP 30 HDBT, the newest addition to their architectural line of cameras. The new HD PTZ camera can fully rotate into its recessed ceiling case allowing for the camera to ‘hide’ when not in use. Ideal for government, education, and corporate applications, the RoboFLIP camera is equipped with a low distortion […]

Epson Brightlink Interactive Projector and Document Camera Solution for Hybrid Learning


With schools implementing hybrid models where students are learning from both home and in the classroom simultaneously, instructors are exploring new ways to reach both the in-class students and the remote students effectively. Teachers need a method that allows them to collaborate with students both at home and in school, as well as stream live […]

New Webex Classroom Designed for Hybrid Learning

Connecting with students is a little more complicated these days than in years past. With distance learning being utilized in most of the nation’s K-12 schools, new ways to bridge the gap between home and school are vital to success for both students and teachers. Hybrid learning, or a blend of remote and in-school learning, […]

Duke University’s New Alumni Center Features Massive Interactive TouchScreen

As universities strive to stay competitive, technology comes to the forefront as a way to engage and interact with visitors, students and alumni. At Duke University, the brand-new 48,000 square-foot Karsh Alumni and Visitors Center recently opened to the public and features a massive interactive touchscreen wall as its centerpiece. The 6.5-foot high by 24.5-foot […]

HoverCam Flex 11 Now Integrated with Zoom for Simplified Distance Learning

Schools across the nation from K-12 to college have announced plans to transfer to distance learning as the pandemic continues. Many that have not fully committed to online learning are offering options to students and parents as to whether they want in-person or distance learning as they return to school. This creates new needs to […]

How AV Can Help Keep Schools on Track with Safety Guidelines

As we approach the fall, officials are examining how they may be able to safely welcome students back into school buildings. Although the future is still uncertain, there will undoubtedly be a need for schools to revamp their former operating status to accommodate for social distancing and other safety guidelines. Let’s discuss some of the […]

Which Type of Interactive Display is Best for Your Classroom?

Gone are the days of a teacher scrawling history lessons or math problems on a blackboard while students frantically struggled to keep up. Now you will find students collaborating while standing together at a classroom display using the touch of a finger to drag and drop elements, make notes or share information.  Classroom instruction has […]

Top Three Interactive Whiteboards for Today’s K-12 Classroom

Results of a study commissioned by SMART Technologies revealed that 76 percent of educators reported technology and collaborative learning improved students’ social and emotional skill development with student success being 3.4 times more likely to occur in the same environment. With the apparent benefits of technology in the classroom, it’s no wonder why interactive whiteboards […]

Essential AV Technology for K-12 Schools

Teaching a generation that was born plugged in has its challenges and technology is what engages these learners. Having the tools to keep them learning effectively and efficiently is a must for every K-12 classroom. Let’s take a look at some of the top tech that should be a part of every learning space today. […]