Phillips PDS New Signage Solution Designed to Keep People Safer

Phillips Digital Signage

In response to the current climate of social distancing, Phillips Professional Display Solutions (Phillips PDS) has announced a series of brand-new queue management and people counting signage solutions. Whether a retail store, supermarket, movie theatre or other public venue, Phillips Android displays can now assist in providing information that will allow customers to make informed […]

New Extron 3.5-inch TLP Pro 300M Touchpanel Offers Durable Control

TLP Pro 300M

Extron is now shipping their new Extron TLP Pro 300M—a 3.5-inch portrait wall mount Touchlink Pro Touchpanel. Designed to control video, audio, lighting, shades, HVAC, security and other systems, the touch panel offers a 320×480 resolution Corning Gorilla Glass touchscreen that is scratch and smudge resistant. Featuring the convenience of PoE (Power over Ethernet), the […]

The Potential Role of Digital Signage in a Pandemic 

As we struggle to find our way in the altered state of living that we are all quickly growing accustomed to, technology is making its way into our lives more so than ever before keeping us connected, informed, and healthy. Digital signage is a technology that can provide flexibility and power to bolster those essential […]

Digital Signage Trends in Sporting Venues

Digital signage has made its way into sports venues everywhere from scoreboards to kiosks and everything in between. You’d be hard pressed to find an arena without it. New trends are emerging that are enhancing the overall fan experience by going beyond the static digital display and providing engaging content and vital information. Wayfinding Sports […]

Esports and AV

Video games have become a massive industry and climbing quickly in popularity is the act of watching others play these games as a competitive sporting event. Aptly named eSports this new iteration of sporting events is growing steadily with Newzoo, a market analytics company, reporting that esports revenue will exceed one billion dollars and that […]

Armagard Announces Digital Replacement for the Sandwich Board

Armagard has introduced their new Digistopper, battery powered dual-sided digital signage intended for pavement advertising. The portable A-frame unit offers bright, 1000 nit digital signage on both sides to engage passers-by from both directions. This dynamic alternative to the traditional sandwich board can be wheeled into position each day and can be moved as needed […]

LG Unveils Digital Signage Ideal for Outdoor Applications

LG recently introduced their all-new 55 and 49-inch LG XE4F displays at Infocomm 2019. Both are optimized for displaying digital content outdoors and are certified to withstand the elements. Designed to be slimmer, lighter and brighter, the LG XE4F displays feature a brightness of 4,000 nits, providing vivid picture quality that is viewable from any […]

Samsung’s Dual-Sided OMN-D Digital Signage Engages Customers Whether Inside or Out

  Samsung’s OMN-D dual sided display offers eye-catching digital signage both inside and outside the store simultaneously. The window-facing screen features high-brightness of 3,000 nits and a high contrast ratio of 5000:1 to ensure visibility for passersby even in direct sunlight. Once inside the store, customers can view product information, current sales or other content […]