New Amazon Style Store Merges in Person Shopping with Online Convenience


Everyone’s favorite online shopping hub is opening a brand-new store, dubbed Amazon Style, with a very different approach to your average retail experience. Set to debut in Los Angeles, at The Americana at Brand shopping destination, it will be the first physical clothing store for Amazon. With convenience and personalization being a focus of the […]

Digital Signage Trends in 2022


Adaptation has become key in our current environment and it’s no different for digital signage. Changing pandemic health precautions along with fluctuations in the supply chain and workforce have modified the usage of this technology providing more ways to interact with the public. Now that 2022 is here, what trends can we expect to see […]

Digital Signage Increases Customer Engagement During the Holiday Season and Beyond

Digital-SignagIncreases Customer Engagement

With holiday shopping in full effect while we still grapple with the uncertainty of new variants and supply chain issues, it is more important than ever for retailers to find new ways to engage customers while keeping safety in mind. Due to the unique circumstances that the pandemic forced upon us all, businesses have discovered […]

Survey Indicates Benefits of Merging Technology with In-Person Shopping Experience


Consumer habits were altered dramatically during the pandemic with many stores shuttered due to shutdowns and lack of in person sales. U.S. retail ecommerce surged nearly 20-percent in 2020 and is expected to see growth of another 8.7-percent this year. Although this is a much smaller gain than the rapid growth during the height of […]

Wayfinding and Digital Signage’s Role in Improving Experiences


As companies and facilities prepare for a return to normal, new safety protocols must be accounted for as typical planning proceeds. Companies are adapting to the ever-changing health guidelines by utilizing digital signage and wayfinding to ensure they are following safety procedures while simultaneously instilling confidence in employees and visitors. Digital signage management systems have […]

Digital Signage and Wayfinding Provide Flexibility in the Pandemic Era


The new normal that we have all become uncomfortably familiar with is a fluid situation that continues to change as cases go up and down and people follow guidelines that are set and continually modified by our leaders. Businesses and schools have had to completely shut down and then gradually re-open again whether virtually, in-person, […]

Clear Digital Announces Digital Signage Station with Touch Free Sanitizer Dispenser

In these pandemic days, when hand sanitizer is a hot commodity and touching public surfaces is not, Clear Digital has introduced the Gel Sanitizer Station for pandemic friendly digital communication. Featuring a 21.5-inch LED 1080p display, the Gel can display content from third parties or your existing content hub. Content can be managed remotely via […]

Digital Signage Facial Recognition Platforms Account for Mask Wearing

face recognition devices

Digital signage facial recognition software has recently encountered a new wrinkle in the way it functions since the wearing of facial coverings has become so commonplace. Used to count the numbers of people in an audience, as well as detect gender and even emotions, the software doesn’t work as well when a mask covers up […]

How New AV Technology Will Keep Us Healthier Post-Pandemic

The impact of COVID-19 on our current behaviors is obvious. From handwashing to wearing masks and social distancing, these modifications will live on to some extent even after a vaccine is developed and administered to the general public. In response to this new way of life, technology has followed suit, bringing new innovations in a […]

Extron Offers AV Control from Personal Devices

Where previously touchscreens were the cat’s meow, fears of touching surfaces now prevail, and many companies are finding new ways to adapt to this new touch-free era. Extron has addressed this with a new way to control AV from your mobile phone or personal device. With employees continuing to return to the workplace, the unease […]