Why the Future of Audio Is IP-based

Here’s what IP-based audio involves, how it’s different from traditional audio solutions, and why this technology is poised to drive the future of business.

Voice Lift Systems Provide Intelligible Audio for All


Collaboration has become more important than ever with hybrid and remote work becoming the standard even as the pandemic wanes. With meeting participants both online and in person, this new way of working has brought the significance of intelligible audio—for all—to the forefront. The ability to clearly hear not only a presenter, but also every […]

Immersive Audio in the Pandemic

Immersive is a term that is widely used in AV tech these days as we explore new ways of making experiences both more engaging and more natural. This often applies to video, but although less commonly discussed, immersive audio is a trending technology that is being revisited in a time when less face-to-face contact has […]

Vaddio Introduces New Hybrid Learning Audio Solutions


With the increased prevalence of hybrid learning, high quality audio is necessary to facilitate ease of communication between remote and in person students and faculty. Students need to be able to clearly hear instructors and vice versa and collaboration flows and is much more effective when the audio can be clearly understood without disruptions that […]

Assistive Listening Technology Aids Social Distancing Protocols at Work and Beyond

Previously primarily for the hearing impaired, Assistive Listening Technology (ALT) has recently taken on a new role. Social distance has become a way of life in our current situation and ALT is being utilized to allow people to clearly communicate despite the fact that they may be physically distant from one another. This technology amplifies […]

Biamp’s New Beamtracking Microphones for Conferencing

Biamp’s new Parlé family of Beamtracking microphones deliver a discreet solution for quality conferencing sound. The new TCM-X and TTM-X tabletop models join the TCM-1 pendant, all with Beamtracking technology, which follows meeting participants as they move about a space, ensuring high quality voice pick up wherever the person is sitting or standing. Additionally, they […]

Auditorium AV For Everyone from Stage to Seats

Whether a K-12 school, college campus or performance venue, auditoriums provide a space for audiences to view a performance, instruction, or speech as well as various other types of presentations. And while the audience is obviously important, the speaker or performer as well as backstage crew need to be considered as well to ensure that […]

Listen Up: Smartphones and Assistive Listening

Smartphones are everywhere. In fact, according to the Pew Research Center, eighty-one percent of Americans now own a smartphone. So, it’s no wonder why companies offering assistive listening products have taken advantage of the pervasiveness of mobile technology. The benefits to both users and venues are plentiful, eliminating the hassles of distributing and collecting equipment, […]