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AV Tips: Creating Effective and Strategic Digital Signage

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In a recently published report, Orbis Research projected that the digital signage market size will grow substantially, from $20.74 Billion in 2017 to $31.62 billion by 2023. No longer living in a world of static observation, existing, new and emerging interactive technologies are being used in conjunction with digital signage to make content more effective, useful and engaging. Data provided by these technologies also give a much more accurate picture of what is successful and what isn’t, affording operators the opportunity to deliver extremely targeted information to the right users.


Touch Screens

The oldest of these technologies, but also most widely used, touch screens determine preferences specifically related to the users needs. Creating an intimate relationship with the user, it allows them to view only the information they want to see, or provides engaging activities that keeps the user entertained. Data can be derived from user interactions to determine effectiveness of the content.


Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technology can be used to analyze everything from age and gender to mood, allowing content to be catered to specific audience members. It can calculate how many people are viewing the display at any given time supplying operators with valuable information on when content is most effective or what content is drawing the most attention.


Near Field Communications

NFC is a wireless and very short-range means of communicating with close range mobile devices. Providing secure delivery of information, it is ideal for transactions such as electronic payment or other sharing of personal information.


Beacon Technology

Similar to NFC, beacons are a rising trend in digital signage, engaging nearby people who receive prompts on their devices to download a relevant app. They then have access to digital messages sent directly to their device, online information, wayfinding directions and more. Unlike NFC, the range is a few feet as compared to inches, allowing customers to receive communications on their devices as they move about a store or other space.


Content Management System (CMS)

While all of the technologies discussed are exciting entrants into the digital signage world, the CMS is the central brain that manages, schedules, and distributes content while drawing from relevant data to create analytics that provide information to customize current and future campaigns. It controls the overall process and is vital in cementing the engagement between the message and the user.


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