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Springfield’s New Meline Kasparian Professional Learning Center Offers Scalable Multi-Room Conferencing

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In an effort to provide ongoing and technologically advanced training for teachers, staff and paraprofessionals in the Springfield, Massachusetts school district, the new Meline Kasparian Professional Learning Center was recently opened. The new center’s namesake believed that all educators deserve high-quality professional development and led a statewide movement that made that possible. This state-of-the-art training facility furthers this goal, utilizing technology to enhance training for all participants.


The challenges of this project involved having the ability to combine and divide training spaces to allow for scalability of audience size as well as to allow for multiple conferences taking place at one time. The school district needed a solution that was easy to manage without the need for technical experts to implement changes or operate systems. Pro AV Systems tackled this by utilizing Crestron control interfaces and an easy to use administrative head end system that can combine or divide the rooms as needed.


Crestron Control Systems with digital media and touch screen interfaces were installed in each of the four conference rooms to allow for easy control and visual administration of the meeting spaces. Epson Pro L1100U Laser WUXGA 3LCD Projectors and Dennon Blu-Ray players provide were also installed along with motorized screens that can be easily retracted when not in use. Spectrum podiums with Shure wireless microphones give presenters easy to use tools that allow for mobility. Bright digital signage in the hallways leading to the conference rooms engages and informs visiting attendees. Delivering video conferencing capabilities, one of the four conference rooms, designated as the control room, also features a Vaddio PTZ camera with tracking abilities as well as a USB connection at the podium for laptops.


This full-scale solution provides the school district with a powerful tool to continue their dedication to educating their workforce. Scalable and simple to use, it supplies technology that fits their needs and that will take them into the future.

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