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Sound System at Tufts University by Pro AV Systems

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Pro AV Systems recently designed and installed the football field sound system at Tufts University’s Zimman Field.

The system designed has only 4 Danley Loud Speakers that live on the Press Box in the Football Field, but those 4 speakers are powerful enough to cover the entire Football Field, adjacent Soccer Field and even spills over into the traffic circle outside of campus.  The speakers are crafted especially for outdoor use, able to withstand weather and other elements.  They are truly the answer for those that are looking for a high performance speaker in an outdoor enclosure impervious to weather. A single cabinet can produce high quality audio beyond 120dB from a compact full range Synergy Horn that weighs only 50lbs – making this unit ideal for stadium sound systems.  Additionally, the speakers are paired with amplifiers and mixers, so that the University can utilize any number of inputs into the system, from microphones and headsets to a simple iPod or MP3 player.

Another unique feature of this sound system are the referee microphones and wireless microphone systems.  These are tied to the system as any other microphone would be, but also included is a specialty antenna, that can pick up these microphones worn by ref’s anywhere on the field.  There’s a small rack that lives inside the Press Box, but is contained in a Gator Case so it can be removed if needed – making it very simple to lock up when it isn’t being used.

We even took a video of what the sound was like at the field.  Keep in mind, we didn’t do anything to block the wind so this is truly what it sounds like at the field – and it’s pretty loud!

Check out the video here:

Tufts Football Field Sound System by Pro AV Systems and Danley Sound Labs

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