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Simplifying Videoconferencing is Crucial to Increasing Productivity

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The need for rapid collaboration has increased the demand for videoconferencing, prompting the entry of new vendors and products to enter the market at a remarkable rate. As a result, companies are increasing the complexity of their videoconferencing systems with diversified deployments. A study by Forrester Consulting, commissioned by Polycom, now part of Plantronics, indicates that this complexity leads to a poor user experience and delays in productivity.

The study concluded that most firms are now using multiple vendors for both videoconferencing endpoints (with 74% using more than one vendor) as well as cloud-based videoconference applications (with 84% using more than one application). As a result, users are having a difficult time connecting to calls and experience poor call quality, leading to lost productivity, which according to Forrester equates to an estimated $1 million per company annually.

The study results indicated that in order to improve user experience and reduce losses in productivity, a consistent videoconference user interface is required, along with the ability for employees to use any video application they prefer regardless of workspace. The study also found that without increased consistency and flexibility in deployments, companies will struggle to cut down on costly productivity delays and improve user experience, so simplifying is essential to improving workflow.

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