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Roland Virtual Sonics will Offer New RAINLINK High Resolution Instrument Protocol via Roland Cloud

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Roland Virtual Sonics, in collaboration with Sony Pictures Post Production Services, introduced a high-definition music, sound, and video performance and control technology, RAINLINK at the 2017 NAMM music products tradeshow. RAINLINK is essentially an alternative to the current standard, MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), which Roland co-introduced in 1983. Beginning in early 2018, Roland Virtual Sonics will release a series of RAINLINK-enabled software products through Roland Cloud, featuring audio recordings made at Sony Pictures Post Production Services sound facilities in Culver City, California.


RAINLINK brings new expressive and creative capabilities for musicians and producers working in every form and style of music. These new RAINLINK products will be designed to assist audio professionals working in today’s mixed media industries. They will include a continuously growing library of virtual instrument audio sounds to be used with the most popular digital audio workstations, will be well-suited for use in film, television, video games and virtual reality applications, and will be available to all through Roland Cloud.


RAINLINK supports 24-bit resolution compared to MIDI, which supports 8-bits, providing more than 130,000 times the resolution.  Other RAINLINK innovations address a future of cloud computing in content creation, deep support for gaming and virtual/augmented reality applications, and much more.

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