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Projection Mapping Shines with New Technology

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The new Magic of Christmas at Hogwarts show debuted in November at Universal Studios, utilizing projection mapping of dancing ghosts, a giant brilliantly lit Christmas tree, soaring owls, playful snowmen and a multitude of dazzling special effects, all choreographed to a new seasonal music score.  The magnificent display brings the Hogwarts castle to life, despite its architectural complexity. With the advent of new software and brighter and sharper projectors, projection mapping is a rapidly growing form of new media that is being employed in everything from advertising to conferences to sporting events.


Projection Mapping Software

Projection mapping combines motion graphics, 3D, and animation, to highlight, modify and even rotate parts of a building or deconstruct walls to view the inside of a structure. Multiple types of software can be employed to create and bring together all of the elements from animated, dancing teddy bears to tumbling bricks. With current software, images can be wrapped around any surface without image distortion, increasing the immersive, real-life look and feel of the projected video. Whether Hogwarts castle, a sphere or even a person, video can be projected onto just about any surface imaginable to create a very convincing and awe inspiring scene.



For large-scale surfaces such as a large building, a higher lumen output of 20,000 lumens or more, such as in the Epson Pro L Series projectors, is required to illuminate and create the dramatic effect of projection mapping, with less lumens needed for smaller scale or indoor projects. Today’s projectors with 4K resolution and laser projection allow for the brightness and visual clarity required to project onto surfaces that aren’t smooth or white, and still create convincing and stunning visual effects.


An Evolving Media

At Infocomm 2017, Panasonic featured their high speed real-time tracking and projection mapping system, allowing projection mapping of fast-moving objects, such as performers on stage, using their high-brightness Panasonic’s 3-Chip DLP SOLID SHINE laser projectors. With the popularity of projection mapping on the rise, new technologies will continue to emerge, enabling companies to create even more realistic and impressive video displays.

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