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Post-Pandemic: Preparing your School for Game Day

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As outdoor events are regaining popularity and schools prepare for a possible return in the fall, students, coaches and communities everywhere are looking forward to welcoming sports back on the field. And although vaccines are rolling out, safety may still be a concern as kids will likely be one of the last to get them. This means outdoor events will be preferable and safer than indoor ones. Taking this all into account, now is a great time to beef up your outdoor game field to welcome your community. How can your school make sure they are ready to go when the pandemic starts to loosen its hold and outdoor events can proceed?


Clear sound that can be heard whether on the fifty yard line or in the end zone, is important to ensure that no matter whether an ROTC drill, football game or graduation, and no matter where your audience is on the field, they can hear the announcer. This also helps from a safety standpoint so that information can be quickly and effectively dispensed when needed. A common misconception is that volume is equivalent to clarity, but this is not the case. Ensuring that you have quality equipment with correct placement is vital to being able to clearly discern what is being said from hearing a garbled message that can only be half understood.


Outdoor displays can assist with providing information including safety related protocols or alerts. They can also provide better views of action happening on the field or provide video to supplement the attendees event experience. Video offers a multipurpose tool that can enhance almost any event taking place on the field. Brightness of the displays should be an important consideration as displays need to be able to be seen clearly in both bright sunny weather as well as in the dark.


Freezing temperatures, hot and humid conditions or rain and wind can damage equipment unless this is accounted for when installing your AV equipment. Weatherized enclosures, cabling, and outdoor components are available from various manufacturers to ensure your equipment will last even in extreme conditions. Some enclosures can also protect against vandalism if that is a concern.


Surveillance cameras can add a layer of protection to assist in heading off criminal activity, an unruly crowd or safety protocol that is not being followed. Cameras can be monitored from almost anywhere via a smart phone or laptop.

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