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Polycom Launches Cloud-Based Services to Manage and Measure Meeting Room Technology

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Technology is increasingly making collaboration easier and people in conference and huddle rooms everywhere are connecting worldwide creating a complex system that requires better systems for management. Polycom is addressing this with the release of their new Polycom Cloud Services and Polycom Device Management Service (PDMS).  These new services simplify management, provisioning and updating of all audio devices while providing data and analytics.

An operations tool designed for managing, measuring and optimizing telephony endpoints both in conference rooms and on desktops, PDMS will be offered in two versions—one for Service Providers and one for Enterprise customers.

For Enterprise Customers

Available now, PDMS for Enterprise enables IT pros to simply and seamlessly manage all their Polycom audio devices, including desk phones and conference room phones, from a single cloud portal. The PDMS-E portal enables enterprises to provision, update, and secure all audio devices, no matter the scale.

Polycom’s RealConnect interoperability solution will become part of Polycom’s Cloud Services in Q3 of this year. The RealConnect cloud service creates an interoperability layer that runs audio services, specifically Microsoft Skype for Business, in a customer’s current environments using Polycom or other hardware. The RealConnect cloud service brings Polycom’s ecosystem strategy to the cloud so customers have choice and flexibility.

For Service Providers

Launching in Q3 of 2018, PDMS will allow service providers to incorporate Polycom audio device management and analytics into their customer portal experience. Service Providers will benefit from improved uptime and the ability to anticipate and mitigate customer issues, aggregate critical analytical data, and customize devices to meet customer needs.

Polycom will release an API in Q3 so Service Providers can customize what services and analytics they need for each customer. These APIs will turn PDMS into a platform that empowers service providers immediately, and opens the door to future innovation and exciting development opportunities as endpoints like Polycom Trio get even smarter in the future.

Polycom Cloud Services currently focus on audio devices and solutions, but Polycom has plans to add support for enterprise customers to manage video conference devices by end of 2018.

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