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Polycom Introduces More Affordable Videoconferencing Solutions

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In today’s global workplace, meetings are often with people across the country, or across an ocean making videoconferencing vital to success. New technologies are transforming this collaboration from a distance by making it easier, more engaging and more natural to meet via video. Polycom, one of the leaders in the industry, has recently introduced two new videoconferencing solutions that provide a much more lifelike look and feel.


The new Polycom Immersive Studio Flex offers a more affordable price point than their original Immersive Studio offering. The Flex system allows the equipment to adapt to the space and even furniture that already exists rather than the reverse. This adds up to potentially thousands of dollars in savings for a company looking to beef up their teleconferencing capabilities with a Polycom system.


The second new addition to the videoconference packages is the Polycom EagleEye Director II camera. The camera automatically recognizes the person who is speaking and zooms in on that individual. If multiple people are speaking it will pan out to bring them into frame adding to the realistic feel of the Polycom teleconferencing experience. The camera also takes into account the number of people in a room. It will frame only those present, even if it’s only 2 people in a room for 20. A picture-in-picture display of the room and speaker focuses on the speaker while still providing a full view of the room so that attendees can view reactions from others in the room.


These new products in addition to their 5K UltraHD display screens and 3D audio capabilities bring you one step closer to physically being in the same room with other virtual meeting attendees. We may not be teleporting yet, but with technology like this, we may never need to.

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