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Planar ContentSmart Media Players for Digital Signage

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Digital Signage is everywhere, from shopping malls to college campuses, and the tools to efficiently manage and display content are vital to effectively getting your message out there. Planar has introduced ContentSmart Media Players that allow users to design, schedule, deploy and manage digital signage messaging, across multiple displays, with ease. Available in both Full HD and 4K resolutions the players feature 8GB of media storage with an internal clock for scheduling. ContentSmart software allows you to import your own HD and UltraHD content. You can create customized playlists and schedules as well as customized layouts. Planar offers three different models: the MP60. MP70 and MP70 OPS.


Planar ContentSmart MP70 and MP70 OPS Ultra HD digital signage media players include 2 USB ports and an HDMI 2.0 video output (MP70 only), Ethernet and built-in WiFi connectivity, and multi-touch support for HID-compliant digital signage displays. The Planar ContentSmart MP70 platform also supports H.265 video codec for streaming 4K video.


The Planar ContentSmart MP60 Full HD 1080p digital signage media player includes three USB ports, VGA, and HDMI video outputs, Ethernet and built-in WiFi connectivity. It also features an HDMI input for live external video and RS-232 for on-off control option.

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