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Phillips PDS New Signage Solution Designed to Keep People Safer

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In response to the current climate of social distancing, Phillips Professional Display Solutions (Phillips PDS) has announced a series of brand-new queue management and people counting signage solutions. Whether a retail store, supermarket, movie theatre or other public venue, Phillips Android displays can now assist in providing information that will allow customers to make informed decisions about how to navigate their experience to keep themselves as well as employees safer.

The new displays, which can be used across industries such as retail, corporate, hospitality, education and healthcare, can be programmed to provide customers and staff with clear information around store capacity, alerting customers to whether it’s safe to enter the store by installing cameras at building entrances. These cameras will feed information on expected wait times, as well as engaging, promotional messaging onto the displays. Additional features include:

  • Ability to broadcast updates using audio and a traffic light system (red, yellow and green), ensuring complete inclusivity
  • Integration with automatic doors, enabling them to open and close based on capacity – potentially freeing up staff from managing lines
  • Access to the flexible and secure Android SoC, which enables partners and developers to add and integrate their own API/software features, bringing more choice and benefits to customers quickly and efficiently
  • Utilization of Philips Professional Display Solutions’ exclusive control and management software, CMND, which allows for single and multiple displays to easily create and share information and provide customers with complete control locally and remotely

Currently being tested in Europe and by partners and customers across North American, the system in now being installed in major retailers such as H&M and Footlocker.

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