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Outdoor Digital Signage: Ready to Take on a New Role

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COVID-19 has changed the way we live, work and play and although the restrictions will eventually, and have even now started to be lifted in some states, experts say that social distancing, at some level, will be required until a vaccine is available. Most public spaces, stores and other government and corporate buildings have been drastically impacted by this pandemic and some of these new policies may remain for an indefinite period of time. As we navigate our way through this crisis and in the days afterwards, policies will change and be modified to fit the needs of communities to hinder any localized outbreaks.

The majority of these policies need to be provided to patrons ahead of time—before they ever set foot in a store or public building. They need to know that they need to have a mask on to be allowed entry, that they have to download an app to order and pay ahead of time, or that only a certain number of people are allowed in a building at a time. Therefore, signage has become a necessity in a time when face to face contact is limited and outdoor digital signage for stores and other public spaces can be an invaluable resource. And today, there are excellent options that can keep people informed even in the brightest sun, during a torrential downpour or even during a snowstorm.


Competing with the sun is a tough task. Your average digital signage does fine in ambient light conditions indoors, but in order to be able to fight the glare of the sun on a hot summer’s day, it has to be extraordinarily bright. The good news is that today’s outdoor commercial displays can vividly display information even on a day when the sun is blazing. A typical indoor display is about 800-1,000 nits, while outdoor displays can exceed 5,000 nits. Even in direct sunlight, viewers will be able to clearly view the information provided without a problem.

Temperature Extremes

Of course, while brightness is extremely important, ensuring that a display can continue to function even in extreme temperatures is also of utmost concern. Fortunately, temperature regulation systems in commercial outdoor displays allow these units to function in temperatures as low as -30 F and as high as 140 F, keeping customers apprised of important information even in the hottest and coldest of days.

Water and Wind-proof

Outdoor digital signage is typically housed in a fully sealed enclosure that protects against rain, snow and dust. Additionally, these enclosures are often equipped with anti-vandalism features such as tempered glass that can withstand a good beating, whether human or weather induced.

With the uncertainty of these unprecedented times, it’s clear that keeping people apprised of the latest information assists in ensuring that employees and customers are safer and healthier both now and into the future. Outdoor digital signage can empower businesses and government to assist the public in making our new normal as painless and easy as possible.

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