Our Approach

Pro AV Systems is well-versed and seasoned in a variety of different markets, to help you design and engineer a system for your specific application. From educational settings to corporate environments, medical buildings, or government facilities, Pro AV has the team to engineer the correct AV system for your needs. Our team will gladly help you narrow down your exact needs and wants.


When deciding on the best solution for your business there are many factors to consider. Working with our specialized team cuts through the clutter and targets the best system for your team at the most affordable price. Choosing the technology that best suits your needs, we can introduce you to ideas you may not have previously considered.


Once the solution is identified by our sales and consulting team, our design engineering experts will integrate the system into your space. The user experience is one of the most important steps in the process and our team will ensure the implementation phase goes as smoothly as possible.


Once installation is underway, our team will make sure each component is installed and tuned properly for the needs of your space and usage. Our staff certified programmers will work with you to make sure the user experience is nothing short of spectacular.


No matter how high-end your system may be, unforeseen repairs, upgrades, and maintenance is vital to keeping it up-to-date and working at optimal levels. Not only do we offer service and service plans on everything we integrate, we can also provide maintenance for previously installed systems. Having the pros as your backup will keep you worry free now and into the future.


Does your project require a special bid process? Are you a government agency looking to fulfill your RFP? Our dedicated bidding team can put all of the necessary documents together for you and follow processes needed to properly submit proposals and bids in a timely manner.