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Ocean Matrix Introduces Problem Solving AV Interfaces for a Variety of Applications

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Ocean Matrix, a manufacturer focused on offering affordable interface solutions for the professional AV industry, has just released new adapters that not only solve common problems faced by industry professionals every day, but can also make installations more cost effective.


The OMX-HDMI-BASET HDBaseT HDMI Extender can send 1080p HD signals with embedded audio up to 300 feet, replacing the need to run costly HDMI cables. The OMX-HDMI-EPOE Extender offers zero latency and includes EDID management that also embeds Infrared (IR) control and sends power via POE, all within a single cable.


For applications that call for more robust sound solutions, the OMX-HDMI2-AEE 4K HDMI 2.0 Audio Extractor not only extracts and separates the audio signal into L/R (3.5mm) stereo audio jacks or a S/PDIF digital audio (Toslink) line, it can also embed audio into the HDMI stream making it ideal for high definition presentations.


Ideal for large scale or outdoor broadcasted events, the OMX-E2F 100Base-T Fast Ethernet to SC Fiber Converter transmits up to 12 miles over fiber while protecting the signal from electromagnetic interference (EMI) or for fiber to UTP signal conversion thus breaking the standard 300’ Ethernet network limitation.

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