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New Transparent Writing Surface Allows Face to Face Instruction Even While Writing

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Writing on a blackboard, white board, or interactive board is a method of teaching that has engaged different tools over the years but has always remained a trusty classroom companion. While this age-old method is still in heavy rotation today, the one major flaw that has plagued board writing instruction is the fact that the instructor has to turn their back to students while writing. Couple this with hybrid and distance learning methodologies that have suddenly become so prevalent, and student engagement is further eroded. Identifying the need to remedy the situation, HoverCam in partnership with Learning Glass, have brought a transparent writing glass complete with an integrated camera to market. eGlass allows a teacher to write on the board while standing behind the illuminated transparent panel so students can simultaneously view the teachers face and the writing on the board.

This transparent board utilizes built-in software that automatically flips the image so that writing will appear naturally so it can be easily read from left to right by students. Adjustable lighting that makes writing stand out and a built-in camera make eGlass ideal for any classroom, whether traditional, remote or hybrid.

Available in both 35-inch and 50-inch models, eGlass also features the ability to drag and drop images, slideshows, documents or browser content with automatic background removal, so the teachers’ facial expressions and social cues can still be clearly viewed. Sessions can be recorded for playback via the built-in camera and the board is compatible with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Skype as well as other third-party conferencing applications.

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