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New Jaw-Dropping LG Commercial Displays Unveiled

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At the 2017 Digital Signage Expo, LG revealed its new OLED wallpaper commercial display and OLED Open Framed Displays. This new release follows the introduction of the groundbreaking LG OLED W7 TVs for the consumer market at CES 2017 in January, winning the most awards of any other TV at the show.


The paper-thin display, a scant 3.65 mm thick, becomes one with the wall attaching with special magnetic mounts creating an almost uniform surface and a seamless and clean look and feel. The commercial version of their wallpaper TV boasts a 55-inch display that weighs less than 13 pounds. With LG’s incomparable OLED technology, the image is amazingly realistic and sharp, even from wide viewing angles. The perfect blacks that currently only OLED can achieve, combined with incredible color provide the only infinite contrast ratio in the industry. A separately mounted sound bar contains the speakers and hardware for the TV, allowing the display to remain as thing as possible.


LG also featured OLED video wall displays and OLED Open Frame displays as well as its Dual-View Flat and Curved Tiling models, also OLED. The OLED Open Frame Digital Signage is lightweight, very thin and flexible allowing them to flex concave and convex, which allows them to be highly customizable. The 65-inch Dual-View Curved Tiling OLED Displays are curved tiles that can be combined to create a customizable display that can be viewed from either side.


These new commercial options from LG allow companies to provide diverse experiences for customers in a variety of new ways and with LG’s proprietary OLED technology, vibrant colors and deep blacks will afford very realistic and immersive displays.

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