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New Education Focused Epson Interactive BrightLink and PowerLite Projectors

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Epson announced eight new laser display models for educators – the interactive BrightLink 735Fi and 725Wi and non-interactive PowerLite 725W, 720, L200SW, L200SX, L200W, and L200X. Virtually maintenance free, the new laser display models offer long-throw, short-throw, ultra short-throw and interactive models.

Designed for education, these display solutions bring bright and engaging content to students who will be dealing with new circumstances in schools this fall. With more spread out classrooms, the visibility of content will be all the more important and these laser projectors bring clarity and brightness to the table. Additionally, educators get valuable whiteboard space back when the projector is turned off. Different from other classroom display technology, the BrightLink 735Fi offers ultra-wide 110-inch, 16:6 images supporting split screen and side-by-side viewing from multiple sources. Educators can present multiple streams and whiteboard displays simultaneously for enhanced content sharing and collaboration.

Epson’s latest offerings also include non-interactive PowerLite models to pair with pre-installed interactive whiteboards for classrooms in need of short-throw solutions. Additional features on the new BrightLink and PowerLite models include:

  • Flexible image sizes – The BrightLink 735Fi projects Full HD content, ultra-wide 110-inch, 16:6 images or 100-inch, 16:9 images, offering up to 77 percent more viewing area than 75-inch flat panels
  • Budget-smart solutions – BrightLink interactive projectors offer the lowest-cost-image per square inch vs. interactive flat panel displays
  • Interactivity – The new BrightLink projectors offer dual pen and optional touch-enabled interactivity for up to eight users to collaborate at once
  • Image quality – Displays bright, colorful, content from 60 inches up to 300 inches on virtually any wall for larger, more flexible images
  • Wireless display – Built-in 5GHz Wi-Fi with wireless sharing via Miracast-enabled devices or Epson’s proprietary iProjection software allows educators to connect, display and share content simultaneously to/from up to 50 connected devices
  • Reliability and durability – Virtually maintenance-free 20,000-hour laser light source with no lamps to replace
  • Easy setup – Be up and running in no time, Epson laser projectors turn on and off instantly, delivering vivid images with no warm-up or cool-down period needed

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