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New AudioCue by Barco Improves Training Simulations with Precise Sound Cues

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Barco has introduced a new audio system to enhance training simulations with precise audio cues that allow trainees to hear cues before they are in their field of vision, allowing them to react faster in training situations where every second counts. By providing very realistic sound, the system will thereby increase awareness during training and enhance the effectiveness of the session. This will provide needed improvements to simulations in industries such as security, military, rescue and healthcare.


The patented IOSONO CORE processing system renders real-time sound to produce very realistic results during training. The system generates sound from the exact location of the object in relation to the trainee’s position—as it happens. Conventional channel-based systems don’t offer this precision, making the training programs rigid and much less realistic.


The AudioCue offers a scalable solution supporting speaker arrangements from 8 to 128 audio channels that can be customized to fit any space. This allows the sound rendering to be based on the exact location of the speakers rather than on a pre-defined layout and eliminates the auditory ‘sweet spot’ in the system, thereby removing the risk of negative training. The system includes hardware and software processing capabilities that seamlessly integrate into any existing content or IG setup.

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