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Minnesota Culinary Arts Program Gets Things Cooking with Vaddio DocCAM 20 HDBT

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Due to increased enrollment, the newly renovated Shapokee High School in Minnesota, included an expanded Culinary Arts area. In order to facilitate a more effective learning environment, a Vaddio DocCAM 20 HDBT camera is being employed to give students a closer view of cooking techniques and food preparation as an instructor is demonstrating it.


The Vaddio DocCam is installed over the instructors station with presets stored within the camera that allow for easy framing of the shot while zooming in on the food as it is being artfully prepared. The instructor uses the DocCAM’s remote control to recall these camera presets and display the content on four 43-inch monitors so that students can see everything up close and personal.


The DocCAM 20 HDBT is a high definition, recessed in-ceiling document camera with 20x optical zoom and high-definition 1080p/60fps resolution.  With a nearly 60° horizontal field of view, the camera is equipped with Vaddio’s OneLINK HDBaseT port and can easily connect to Vaddio OneLINK extension systems or other HDBaseT-compatible devices to reduce cabling and extend video, power, and control up to an installation distance of 328 ft.

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