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Lumens New Auto Tracking Facial Detection Camera Offers Flexibility

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Lumens recently introduced their new VC-TR1 Auto-Tracking Camera with 20x optical zoom. This 1080p Full HD camera automatically tracks speakers using facial detection technology and offers three different advanced tracking modes affording the flexibility to conform to various applications.

The Stage Tracking Mode ensures a target on a stage will be tracked fluidly and steadily while withing the stage area. The Everywhere Tracking Mode allows a speaker to leave the stage to interact with the audience without the need to wear a tracking device. There are no space or connectivity restrictions even if the speaker is obscured by other people. Finally, the Partition Tracking creates up to four preset zones in which a presenter can move. The three tracking modes can also work cohesively in what Lumens calls the Super Tracking Mode to allow for multiple types of movement within a space.

Ideal for distance learning, remote training and video conferencing, the VC-TR1 integrates a PTZ and 112-degree FOV panoramic camera. The dual lens design can capture the whole view and track a speaker simultaneously. While tracking, the VC-TR1 switches the video frame and allows the audience to view not only the presenter but also whiteboard content or presentation material. It supports multiple output interfaces such as HDMI, 3G-SDI, IP (PoE) and USB.

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