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Liberty AV Solutions Announces for Contactless Workplace Check-in

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With the workforce slowly starting to return to the office, providing an environment where employees feel safe to enter the workplace is important. Liberty has introduced their new for contactless check-in and visitor management to give employees confidence that their employer has their safety in mind. provides a simple registration process for visitors that does not require an app. Visitors scan a provided QR code, complete a form and take a photo to receive a digital entrance ID via SMS message. The host is also notified that the visitor has arrived and can view their ID for verification. Activity is registered in the visitor management/contact record admin platform. From the control panel administrators can add new staff, manage destinations, and generate QR Codes and web links. is powered by Liberty’s Teleportivity, a cloud-hosted software platform designed for help desks that provides an on-site document and web-app repository with integrated video, voice or text-chat for virtual assistance and communication anywhere in the building. can be enhanced by pairing with Teleportivity’s additional features such as check-in process, maps, delivery instructions, forms, videos, PDF documents and web-apps.


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