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Leveraging Projectors for Safe and Impactful In-Person Experiences

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As travel is ramping up again and people are beginning to gather and emerge from their curtailment of activity, technology is on the forefront of keeping people safe and making the relished in-person experience more engaging and dynamic. Projectors offer flexible and unique opportunities to merge these all-important elements that will allow us to get back out there with vigor while still following updated safety protocols.


Whether via projected images onto a floor to direct traffic flow, or social distancing friendly schedules projected onto large areas that can be seen throughout a terminal due to the brightness and clarity of today’s laser projectors, the benefits are plentiful. Airports such as the new Beijing Daxing International Airport, are also finding ways to engage and entertain travelers with dynamic, immersive displays of art or other imagery. The Beijing airport features the Journey of Light and Shadow digital experience pavilion provides visitors with an immersive and interactive experience using projection, audio, and interactive technologies. Weary and waiting travelers will be enthralled with the experience that vividly displays the art of eight of Van Gogh and Monet’s masterpieces projected onto the walls and floor of the pavilion.


Hybrid classes, especially on college campuses, will most certainly be part of the mix this year. The social distancing benefits as well as the ability to learn remotely will continue to draw supporters of the classroom model. Projectors offer the ability to connect remote students as well as bring vivid, clear, and enlarged versions of content into the classroom. Interactive projectors also allow students and educators to utilize whiteboarding and other touch enabled activities to further engage learners. Being able to annotate directly on displayed content, and save, e-mail, or print those annotations, such as is possible with the Epson Interactive laser and 3LCD laser projectors, also adds convenience and ease to classroom instruction.


Whether a concert, sporting event or tradeshow, the use of projectors to engage and inform patrons has endless possibilities. Whether indoors or outdoors, today’s powerful laser projectors offer bright options that can compete even in sunny or ambient light conditions. Grabbing in-person patron’s attention is a snap with projection mapping, which can turn any surface, whether an intricate building façade or interior, or even a moving object such as a vehicle, into an immersive, dynamic 3D piece of art.


Now that people are socializing and traveling again, shopping has taken a front seat as they look for the latest accessories and clothing for in-person gatherings and events. Show stopping projected content can attract customers with the ability to transform a glass window or a storefront prop into nearly anything you can dream up. Projectors can draw customers from down the street with ultra-bright, crystal clear imagery and video. Stores can inform customers of any rules that may or may not apply such as mask wearing or social distancing guidelines. Various small form options such as Epson’s Lightscene projectors, which appear to be spotlights, are inconspicuous and can offer a discreet option for retail and other applications.

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