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Journey from Qomo – Multi-Touch LED Panel

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Have you heard about the new Journey Multi-Touch LED panel from Qomo? It’s perfect for both the classroom and your business – and can really help to transform your lessons or innovate your presentations with an entirely new level of interactivity.  It comes in 5 sizes – and even comes in 4K/1080p resolution! – making it a crisp, clear and professional display for your business solution.  In the classroom it can bring multiple students together, with up to 10-points of touch so that students stay engaged and interested in what they are learning about.  It comes with a built in Android Interface so its intuitive to use and simple to understand, without the need for an expensive PC on the back end of it.  You can annotate over any browser or piece of content on the device, switch between inputs, download apps or even project wirelessly.  It also comes with RMeasitech, an innovative and interactive software for education, make it easy for teachers to access tools, content and screen captures throughout their lessons.  Input sources include 2-3 HDMI, 2 VGA, USB, Composite and 2 S-Video, making it a versatile piece of equipment that can work with old or new things throughout your building.  It’s compatible with Microsoft Word applications as well as Mac or Windows operating systems when a computer is connected.

Are you interested in learning more about our discounted pricing for the Journey for educational or municipal use? Contact us today!

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