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Infocomm 2017: Danley Sound Lab DNA Series

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Danley Sound Labs featured their DNA Series Amplifiers at Infocomm 2017, demonstrating their propensity for high performance sound at large outdoor venues such as football stadiums and arenas with much less equipment required. Their unique technology provides maximum coverage without the loss of sound quality and cuts down on the cost and duration of installation. The DNA series is comprised of the DNA 5K4c, 10K4 Pro, 20K4 Pro and the SC48. These amplifiers provide superb power delivery, sonic performance and proficiency.


The 5K4c is actually 2 two-channel amplifiers sharing the same chassis providing a shallow 2U rack mounting 4-channel power amplifier that offers a high degree of flexibility and power density. 5K4c integrates light-weight power supplies, high power sonically transparent class D amplifiers, full system monitoring (including ‘end of line’) and a fully featured USB or network controlled 24 bit 96kHz DSP processing platform as standard.


The 10K4 Pro and 20K4 Pro offer 10,000 or 20,000 Watts RMS output power. The integrated DSP complements Danley speakers to provide a powerful solution for challenging large-scale venues. A logical front panel user interface and powerful Ethernet based remote control make it very user friendly and provide access to all features allowing rapid system configuration with full performance monitoring and analytics.


The SC48 is a high performance, easy to use signal processor for loudspeaker systems, providing processing for applications that require precise control over analog to digital conversion, digital processing, crossover shapes and phase and limiter control. This unique System Controller achieves the highest amount of sonic purity without overly complicating the installation. Additionally, thanks to Obcom, the wireless PodWare interface allows incredible fine tuning that’s above and beyond common wireless interfaces. The SC48 is a powerful core element to any Danley speaker array and multi-channel commercial system.

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