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Infocomm 2017: Crestron’s Air Media Now Built-In

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BYOD (bring your own device) is a requirement these days and the ability to quickly display a PDF, Word document, PowerPoint file, images and other files that are pertinent to the meeting or class at hand allows for much more effective collaboration. Crestron’s proprietary AirMedia allows users to easily share content via mobile device or laptop wirelessly in conference rooms, huddle rooms, classrooms or other meeting spaces. Previously, Air Media required a separate box to be installed in the room. But, at Infocomm 2017, Crestron announced that the software is now built-in to their most popular products such as the Mercury tabletop meeting solution and their 4K digital Media Presentation system among other collaboration products. The need for extra hardware has now been eliminated creating an easier and faster installation. Seamless integration means less troubleshooting and more reliability. One other change is that the AirMedia app, which allows participants to share content from their device, can now be easily deployed to employees and guests, which saves time and eliminates user error.


AirMedia allows up to 32 people in a room to share content and also enables participants in other locations to log in from a web browser to view the presentation on their mobile devices. The Quad View mode allows up to four presenters’ content can be displayed simultaneously. AirMedia’s Moderator Mode also allows presenters and instructors to control whose content to share and whose content not to share from the AirMedia web page or Crestron touch screen.

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